What Marquee Options Do You Have when Organizing an Outdoor Event

When you organise an event, you have to consider many aspects, starting from the venue, to the food, decorations and number of guests. If you are an event planner you definitely collaborate with many companies, which are able to provide you a location and all the other things you need, but if you are a simple person, you have to work hard to be sure that your event will be successful. You have the option to collaborate with a supplier as www.cameoeventhire.co.uk/, which can offer you catering equipment, furniture, linen and marquees. With its help, you will be able to organise an elegant event, which will impress your guests.

Different size marquees

Because people choose marquees when they organise a wide variety of events, companies offer a great variety of sizes and shapes. Therefore, you can rent a marquee according to the number of guests you plan to have. If you are not sure what size you should choose, you can ask the supplier’s advice because s/he will definitely know. In addition, you should inform them where you want to hold your event, because according to the site you might need a particular shape of marquee.

Marquee styles

Depending on the theme of your event, you would want to rent a marque, which is appropriate for it. Companies offer you the opportunity to choose from classic, country, modern, vintage or beach ones. Every one of them comes in a different shape and features different characteristics, so you should ask the supplier to offer you some details about how they look, and even pictures from other events. In case you ask the supplier in time, you might have the possibility to rent a marquee, which is especially designed for you, but this means that you have to pay extra money. Also, there are marquees which have am open layout, in case you want to install them in a site which has a great view. Some of them feature clear windows and roofs, for offering you the opportunity to admire the view even when you are inside. The external style of marquees are very different, so you can choose from traditional canvas pole ones to contemporary frame tents or even tipi or pagoda ones.

Endless interior designs

When using a marquee as the location for an event, you have endless options when you have to decorate the interior, because it is like a blank canvas, you can choose the structure, floorings, furniture and lighting. You can personalise it in whatever colours you might decide, and place decorations according to your theme. The company, which offers you the marquee, can help you with renting the furniture, linen and catering equipment. In this way, you collaborate with a single company, which provides complete services. Because these suppliers offer their services for a great number of events, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of not only marquees, but also other articles. Take your time to ask them what they can offer you, and you will be able to organise the event you plan within your budget.