Studio Apartments – The Right Choice for Students

If you are a university student that is attending school some distance from your home, you will need to find an apartment that is close to campus. Choosing where you are going to live during the next university year is the biggest decision that you can make. In the apartment-for-rent ads, you will discover that the least expensive option is studio apartments. This type of option is ideal for anyone that is looking for a fairly inexpensive place to rent. They do require some compromises in living style, but when you are a student you will not need very much space. If you are worried that this type of student accommodation can significantly affect your lifestyle, read these pros.


Studio apartments are also called efficiency apartments and they bear this name for good reasons. A studio apartment consists broadly of a single room plus a bathroom. The single room of the apartments serves as a kitchen, bedroom and living room. Taking into consideration their size, they are more than suitable for students who spend a great deal of time away from home, but need some place to sleep during the academic year. The main advantage about studio apartments is that they are conveniently located near universities and transportation. They will appeal to persons that are interested in living simply and fairly inexpensively.

Time to study

Studio apartments are not the greatest choice for people that are friendly and sociable. While this may appear to be a big inconvenient, it is actually not. Even if studio apartments limit the ability to have game nights or movie nights, they allow you to study. If you are not planning to party throughout the academic year, but rather to concentrate on your learning, then a studio is the perfect choice. Basically you will have time to do what you like. If you do plan to invite colleagues over, then you can, but take note of the fact that your personal belongings will be open for all eyes.

Everything is located in the same room

In comparison to other types of living spaces, studio apartments are very well-organized. You do not have to walk across the entire house in order to find something that you have forgotten, which can be very useful when you are a student and you barely have time for yourself, not to mention organising the home. The furniture that you are likely to find in a studio apartment serves multiple purposes, which helps the room be efficient. If the apartment is not too cluttered, then you can clean it very fast. Everything cleaning task, from dishes to sweeping or vacuuming is all diminished due to your living space.

In conclusion, studio apartment are a very good choice for students and the fact that they are cheaper than other options does not mean that they lack amenities. On the contrary, you can find more luxurious living places that have a great number of square feet and that are comparable to luxury pads.