Foods that Shouldn’t Miss from Your Diet

These days, everyone understands the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and even more people are making conscious and informed decisions about what they eat. Being a vegetarian is as popular now as it has ever been, but you don’t need to be a vegetarian to understand you should not exclude the following products from your diet. And, because they are highly nutritious they will offer you the chance to feel more energised and be healthier.


Asparagus is one of those vegetables that is extremely popular in high end restaurants, but on a normal everyday menu people still avoid it for whatever reason. Fresh asparagus may not always be as cheap as potatoes when you are shopping in your local supermarket, but you should still try and include it in your diet it at least once a week. Asparagus has many well documented health benefits, it is an anti-inflammatory and its anti-oxidant effects are well known among nutritionists. It also regulates blood sugar and improves heart health.

If you have your own vegetable garden or an allotment, asparagus is relatively easy to grow and once established it can be a very productive plant, producing rich crops annually for up to 12 years. Most good garden centres will be able to provide good quality crowns that should be able to provide a small crop as little as one year after planting.

Raw bee pollen

Raw bee pollen could actually be considered a super-food as it contains all the vitamins and minerals the human body needs to function properly. Just two spoons of pollen every morning has been shown to boost your energy levels, as well as improving the quality of your hair, skin and overall health considerably. If you have never heard or come across raw pollen before, it is pollen gathered by bees that has not been dried or processed in any way. It can only be properly store in a freezer, so if you find a brand telling you it is ok to refrigerate or store it outside, then it is probably processed.


This vegetable is extremely rich in phytonutrients, which are known to reduce the risk of cancer and suppress the growth of hormones. 100 grams of broccoli contains 4 times more Vitamin C than an orange. Broccoli is also known to contain a much larger percentage of folic acid which is also very good for hair and nails. Most children are well known for pushing this vegetable off their plates and it is one of those that it is difficult to get children to eat. This may be more down to the way that it is being stored and cooked than the actual vegetable itself and fresh young broccoli should not taste fibrous or woody and there are many fabulous recipes to help improve this beneficial green.


Salmons is an excellent source of many essential nutrients to humans including vitamin B12 and D and is also a good source omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is very efficient at improving circulation, increasing the ratio of good to bad cholesterol and a host of other benefits that make it a consideration for your diet. Omega 3 is deemed an essential fatty acid as the human body cannot produce these acids by itself, so it needs to be consumed in our diets and what better way to ensure this essential than via a lovely piece of Salmon.

It can be easier than you think to eat healthy and the items above are just some of the foods that should not be missed from any person’s.