Essential Crafts for a Successful Baby Shower

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of a woman’s life, and this is why it is a tradition to organise a party. Usually the friends of the mom-to-be are the ones who are planning all the aspects of a party, but there are cases when also the mother is part of the process. Either ways it is advisable to ask her opinion when selecting the invitations and favours, because she will definitely want to create them in a certain way. When looking for invitations online, her friends should select firstly the blank cards, because according to their pattern and colour, they will have to choose the envelopes and favours.

The invitations

The invitations for a baby showers are very important, because nowadays people are tempted to not read a message in case it does not raise their interests. And, in case the invitations are not read there will be no guests at the party, which might ruin it. In order to be sure that people will read the invitations, the event planners, should choose some catchy ones according to the theme of the party. They should select the colour invitation according to the gender of the baby, so if the baby would be a girl, they should go on shades of pink or red, and in case the baby would be a boy they should choose one in blue or green tints. There are cases when the parents do not want to find the baby gender, and in this situation the party planners, should use nude colours.

The favours

It is a tradition to offer the guests to a baby shower favours, because they should always remember of this important event. The favours should be selected according to the mother’s wish, because she knows the best what she wants to offer her guests, but the wedding planners have the possibility to wrap them. Depending on the type of favour, there is the possibility to place them in boxes, which can be customised according to the theme of the party, or they can be put on the tables without being packed.

Box of advice

If this is the first baby of the mom-to-be, then she will definitely need many advices, so her mom-friends should help her with at least one recommendation. The planners should create a box, and place next to it blank cards and pens for the guests to leave an advice for the mother. There is also the possibility to have two boxes, one with advices for the mother, and one with thoughts for the baby. The mom-to-be and her guests should write down a wish for the little one, and sign themselves on the notes. These little phrases should be kept locked on the box until the baby has the appropriate age for reading them. This would be an amazing present for both the mother and the baby. These are the most important crafts, which make transform a usual party into an amazing baby shower.