Common Services Offered by Staffing Agencies

Taking into consideration that nowadays, finding the right job of filling in business vacancies is quite difficult, some specialised firms have become increasingly popular in the past years. These are staffing agencies. In case you have never had anything to do with such an entity, then you probably have no idea how these are working. Basically, they are a mediator between the employer and the candidates, providing similar services as a normal recruiting company. However, in some respects, their offers are slightly different. In case you are planning to advertise a vacant post or apply for a job through such an agency, get informed in advance. Here are some of the most popular services they provide.

For employers

Unlike most recruiting companies and online platforms, a staffing firm can do more than just advertising some vacancies. In order to offer support and help their clients find the most suitable applicants, a specialised company conducts a professional assessment of the employer’s needs. This way, both parties are aware of the selection and can have a clear understanding of the hiring process. After this, the screening stage can begin: the agency will focus on getting the attention of those who seem to have the ideal candidate profile, for a long term collaboration. Once the employer gets a list of the best matches, they facilitate the meeting between the two parties involved in the recruiting process. There can be either a phone conversation or a traditional interview, to establish the terms and conditions of a potential collaboration. After this, the journey is almost completed and the agency takes care of paperwork and legal documents necessary for a legit enrolment.

For candidates

As far as the candidates are concerned, a professional staffing agency combines the services provided by an HR consultant and a head hunting company. As a person looking for a job, you should get in touch with a representative of the staffing firm and submit a resume. Once you do this, they will keep your application in mind, see what you are searching for in a suitable job and present you the offer. In addition to this, they intermediate the matching process so you may end up getting a job without actually applying for it. This is due to the fact that based on your CV and preferences, the staffing agency can recommend you to an employer – this is the headhunting function.